Mission and Vision

We are at an extraordinary point in human history. Unimagined just a few decades ago, emerging breakthroughs in the three most important aspects of life – our mind, our body and the world – continue to push us to new limits of longevity.

Life is interconnected. For most of us, a healthy mind requires a healthy body which requires a healthy planet. The Charlie Dunlop School of Biological Sciences discovers solutions for the mind, body and world so that we not only live longer, but we live better.

Our school has a proud history of scientific discovery and advancement that stretches across four pioneering academic departments whose researchers are transforming lives.

As the science of life, biology will transform our lives and our world, providing solutions to many of today’s grandest challenges.

We invite you to participate in this noble endeavor by becoming a Dunlop School Ambassador.

Frank LaFerla, Ph.D.
Charlie Dunlop School of Biological Sciences Dean